IGCSE program tutor

IGCSE program tutor

ITT – Studying abroad while still in high school gradually becomes the new trend. For those who study international programs since childhood, IGCSE certification is no stranger. So is there any IGCSE program tutor to support you?

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IGCSE certificate

IGCSE program syllabus

IGCSE is an International High School certificate for many students age 14 to 17. The program, designed and administered by Cambridge, provides two-year training, equivalent to grade 9 and 10, which is an excellent foundation for university preparation.

IGCSE has over 70 subjects divided into 2 levels: Core and Extended, students can choose from 6 to 9 subjects. In particular, students are selected a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 Extended subjects. The scale of Extended is from A* to G and the scale of Core is from C to G, U is not achieved.

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IGCSE program tutor

IGCSE tutoring center

The reason IGCSE has been widely chosen is due to the immense amount of knowledge that the program brings to the world and helps students gain more interesting information. However, most first-time students encounter IGCSE will find it strange and difficult to keep up. Understanding your concerns, many centers have IGCSE program tutor.

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IGCSE tutoring center owns the quality curriculum, teaches on the right track with the professional teachers who have long experience in teaching international programs. The center will capture your level of competency and offer the most appropriate curriculum, so that support and help you improve quickly.

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