Cambridge Checkpoint exam preparation

Cambridge Checkpoint exam preparation

ITT – Cambridge Checkpoint for primary and secondary students to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students before moving on to the next level. So what is Cambridge Checkpoint exam preparation?

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What is Cambridge Checkpoint?

Cambridge Checkpoint is the first step in a student’s learning journey. Students gradually gain language skills, scientific knowledge, and computation equivalent to students in developed countries. This program is taught entirely in English with three subjects: Maths, English, Science.

Cambridge English helps students develop uniformly and comprehensively 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills are integrated into all activities of each lesson and are gradually improved with each level. Not only that, through the rich activities, arousing the activeness and creativity of students.

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Cambridge Mathematics curriculum focuses on understanding mathematical knowledge: Arithmetic, Geometry, Measurement, Statistical Probability, etc. Each unit is presented in the form of theorems, models, systems, and has relationships with each other so that learners can apply their knowledge to practice and gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of knowledge.

Cambridge Science curriculum covers four main areas: Scientific Research, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Scientific research involves reviewing ideas, conducting field assessments, planning, investigating, recording, and analyzing data. Environmental awareness and science history is also part of the curriculum.

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AP exam preparation

Cambridge Checkpoint exam preparation

Cambridge Checkpoint is designed to help students assess their own abilities, drawing on their strengths and weaknesses in the future. For students who intend to study IGCSE or GCE O-level, Checkpoint will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge. So what is Cambridge Checkpoint exam preparation?

  1. More English proficiency: What schools and families care about most is whether your child’s English level is enough to attend the Cambridge program? Therefore, the first thing to do is to consolidate your English level.
  2. Practice past paper: This is the most popular and effective method of studying international programs. When taking the exam questions last year, students will catch the exam structure, question format, and test experience.
  3. Self-study: Self-study is a good method for exam preparation. When you refer to books, newspapers, scientific papers, you will expand your knowledge.
  4. Finding tutors: For students with poor self-study, finding tutors or international centers to help you is most appropriate.

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