7 things to note when studying in New Zealand

7 things to note when studying in New Zealand

ITT – For international students studying in “Kiwi country”, here are 7 things to note when studying in New Zealand.

Studying in New Zealand is one of the ideal choices because of quality education and an interesting living environment, but do not miss 7 things to note when studying in New Zealand below.

  1. Pretty expensive to spend

Although you can cook at home to save money, goods in New Zealand are not cheap, especially in winter. You can pay 2 USD for a bell pepper in a supermarket, which might surprise many people since this is in an agricultural exporting country.

  1. Study and work

To help reduce the high cost of living, most college students work part-time jobs. Full-time student visa holders can work 20 hours during semesters and 40 hours during vacations.

  1. Social sports

New Zealanders love almost all sports such as rugby, soccer, basketball, rowing, triathlon and adventure sports. So, you have to increase your health, improve your life by participating in different activities, or gather your friends for a walk around the beaches, or walk on trails that stretch all over the country.

  1. Go here and there

As an island nation, New Zealand is famous for its clear blue skies, lush green hills, rugged landscapes, and many lakes and beaches. There are so many cheap flights in New Zealand, you should take advantage of the long weekends to visit places like the beautiful Queenstown, Wellington, Christchurch and many more interesting places.

  1. Appreciate critical thinking

New Zealanders live very realistically. You will never call your college instructors “Dr. Dave” or “Professor Paula” – they always insist on Dave or Paula. Therefore, expressing a natural attitude is encouraged, so you should give more speech and input to meetings while living and working in New Zealand.

  1. Accommodation alternatives

Building a relationship with New Zealanders will help you find accommodation conveniently located close to the center. As you build a strong relationship, you may move to the suburbs, which often offer better air and cooler spaces.

  1. Health care planning

Health insurance is required for international students prior to entry, however, matters such as physical and oral health checks are usually not covered. In general, learning 7 things to note when studying in New Zealand will help you have a memorable study abroad experience and ensure a stable life throughout your university years.

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