IGCSE Computer Science

IGCSE Computer Science


IGCSE Computer Science requires an understanding of the basic concepts of computational thinking and how computers as well as other digital devices work. Through this course, students will gain algorithmic processes, including the principles, hardware and software design, their applications and their impact on science and real life.


  • Develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize scientific information.
  • Develop logical, critical and creative thinking.
  • Develop patience and persistence in problem solving.
  • Employ and refine their powers of abstraction and generalization.
  • Transfer skills to alternative situations and to future developments.


  • Small group (maximum 8 students/class).

  • Qualified and experienced teachers.

  • Follow on IGCSE Computer curriculum.

  • Develop solving problems and analysis skills.

  • Supply tips and methods for IGCSE Computer exams.

Course Information

CoursesSessions/WeekTuition Fee (1 on 1)Tuition Fee (1 on 2)Tuition Fee (Group 3-4)
IGCSE Computer Science Core2ContactContact8.280.000
IGCSE Computer Science Extended2ContactContact8.280.000


Available Schedule

Morning09.00 – 10.30
10.30 – 12.00
Afternoon14.00 – 15.30
15.30 – 17.00
Evening17.00 – 18.30
18.30 – 20.00

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The curricula at Intertu Education spread out in many fields. The courses are designed specifically compatible with training programs of international schools in Vietnam.


Learning Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in IB program at Intertu Education, I easily acquire the in­depth knowledge than just sitting and reading at school. The lecture is designed alluringly so I passed the exam with high result.


Working environment at Intertu Education is more professional than many other places I’ve ever taught. The curriculum is very open so I can promote all my capabilities to students.


Business English course is held scientifically and methodically. Teacher made ​​the situation very closely with the actual working environment at the company. Certainly, my company will cooperate with Intertu Education more and more in the future.


After 8 sessions of Communicative English, I felt improved, more confident about my abilities, and actively open up with native speakers. Now, I’m currently able to apply communication skills in English for my working environment.