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Being a pioneer in teaching Math and Science, Intertu Education is an international educational center specializing in the research and development of a variety of courses for international, bilingual and integrated students. Our courses are including IB – AP – A – level – IGCSE exam preparation courses, SSAT – SAT – ACT – GMAT – GRE exam preparation courses, teacher training courses…

International Programs and Test PreparationScience Subjects and LanguagesTeacher Training Courses
IB exam preparation

MYP exam preparation

PYP exam preparation

Math in English

Physics in English

Chemistry in English

Biology in English

Teaching Math in English
IGCSE exam preparationScience in English

Economics in English

Literature in English

Teaching Physics in English
A-level exam preparation

AS Level exam preparation

Cambridge ScienceTeaching Chemistry in English
AP exam preparationCommunicative English

Business English

Academic English

Specialized English

Teaching Biology in English
SSAT exam preparation

SAT exam preparation

ACT exam preparation

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

French, German, Spanish

Teaching Science in English
GMAT exam preparation

GRE exam preparation

Vietnamese for foreigners

Intertu Education


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