Scarce of English program teachers in Vietnam

Scarce of English program teachers in Vietnam

ITT – The need of English program teachers is increasing but pedagogical schools have just started to have training courses for this field. Hanoi National University of Education is the first school in Vietnam having courses to train teachers to teach specialized subjects in English.

Giáo viên dạy chương trình bằng tiếng Anh

Not confident to teach English

According to Prof. Nguyen Van Minh, principal of Hanoi University of Education, the English training program of Mathematics teachers has been officially started since 2013. However, although there are many years to prepare on the curriculum and teaching team, training program still face many difficulties. Creating a favorable environment for students to study and to develop their specialized language skills is not easy. Students are less likely to have an internship environment because of the limited number of English language schools.

Therefore, many English program teachers is afraid of teaching subjects in English. They are still confused with the specialized vocabulary and terms, many teachers cannot design the lesson in English. Thus, teachers are not confident in teaching in English.

It is suggested that pedagogical schools need to have regulations standards on English level of entry for these training systems. Now, the reality level of students is quite different from each other, leading to difficulties in the training and effect on graduation quality.

Giáo viên dạy chương trình bằng tiếng Anh tích hợp

Big demand but low supply

Chu Xuan Dung, vice director of the Ha Noi Department of Education and Training, said that the demand for teacher teaching in English courses is increasing, especially in the private sector. He said: “If the schools can train teachers who can teach in English program to meet the increasing needs of high schools, it will reduce the burden of schools, parents.”

The recruitment of Vietnamese teachers having qualified skill and international pedagogical qualifications is scarce while students studying abroad rarely choose the education major.

Pham Thi Minh An, Principal of Olympia High School, said that in the past few years, almost all schools had to recruit foreign teachers to implement this program because Vietnamese teachers are very rare.

In recent years, many international schools have been established in Vietnam so the demand for English program teachers has been increasing. Thus, the development and implementation of English training course in mathematics and sciences for teachers is essential.

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