Academic English

Academic English

ITT – While communicative English is for everyone, Academic English is designed for studying purpose of students. They need to study Academic English for higher education, to study abroad or to enroll in international schools and universities.

Learning Academic English has some difficulties:

  • Students not only focus on grammar and vocabulary, but also pay more attention on the rules of grammar and structures of contents and presentations.
  • Academic English has many advanced topics which contain a huge amount of terminologies.
  • Students might not be able to arrange the structure and content of an essay or a presentation to make them coherent.

Therefore, learners need appropriate methods to improve skills quickly:

  • Learn academic vocabulary which is often used in writing.
  • Understand the rules and notes when writing essays; for example: when to write sentences in passive form, expressions should avoid subjective assertion and avoid complex verb phrases or compound words.
  • Remember to cite all your references to avoid plagiarism.
  • Your article should have a clear structure and express precisely all your points of view.
  • Practice presentations every day to be more confident in front of the crowd.

In academic English course, students will:

  • Practice methods to use sentence patterns, grammar, vocabulary in English in the form of various texts such as essay, topic report, research paper, group project, harvest paper … and present them in high standards.
  • Build basic academic knowledge in English for important fields such as education, sociology, physics, science and nature.
  • Enhancing specialized knowledge will help learner familiar with many majors in universities or fields of research.
  • Learn how to cite from reference resources
  • Develop professional skills for presentation in English.

Intertu Education is currently offering Academic English courses. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us directly, via email or hotline for free consultation.

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