Recruitment in November 2019: Admin

Recruitment in November 2019: Admin

1. Responsibilities

  • Research, update information about the center’s courses to give advice for parents and students.
  • Introduce new courses for students, parents if there have any new courses or inform tuition fee payment for the following course via the center’s official commucative platform.
  • Complete registration procedure for parents and students as well as salary payment procedures for teachers.
  • Save information of parents, students and teachers in the center’s official databases.
  • Post recruitment information, set up schedule interviews, make contract, arrange classes for teachers.
  • Support with equipment, textbooks, documents and stationeries.
  • Monitor classrooms, students’ and teachers’ attendance, teaching recordings…
  • Organize evaluations and examinations to manage the teaching quality.
  • Update timetable, class schedule, promptly notify teachers, parents and students when there has any change of places, time, teaching methods, class sizes…
  • Connect between teachers, parents and students.
  • Responsible for the ministry for all publications, posts, products of the center.

2. Requirements

  • Qualifications: Degree in Pedagogy, Education Management, Business Administration or related majors.
  • Good at 04 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in communication, academic, specialized…
  • Microsoft Office efficiency (Word, Excel, Power Point…).
  • Good business presentation, negotiation, problem-solving skills…
  • Having at least 01 year experience in education field.

Please send your information via this email: [email protected]

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