Recruitment in August 2021: R&D

Recruitment in August 2021: R&D

1.     Responsibilities

  • RAUC (Research Analyze United Conclusion)
    • Enrich the academic resources, data, knowledge and valuable collections of teaching and learning material.
    • Ensure all members have an united wisdom upon every topic.
    • Be up to date and in depth with academic programs and subjects.
    • Be up to date and in depth with current education trend of worldwide and Vietnam.
    • Research, analyse and propose solutions to match with inquiry and expectation in educational goals of parents and students.
  • SITE (Sharing Improving Teaching Experience)
    • Teaching the center’s courses in and out of the office hours.
    • Building and sharing the handbook of student’s psychology from teaching experience.
    • Sharing weekly teaching experience.
    • Update new conclusion onto the recollection.
  • BAP (Building Academy Program)
    • Propose, conclude and united core elements in Academy program.
    • Prerequisite for teacher on morale and professionalism.
    • Prerequisite for student on morale and professionalism.
  • TVP (Teaching Video Production)
  • TAP (Training Applicational Professionalism)
    • Interview new teachers and conduct standard evaluations.
    • Train applicational professionalism for new teachers and interns.
    • Develop all members to reach higher capacity at teaching.
    • Develop all members to reach higher capacity in working environment.
  • CAP (Connecting Academic Professionals)
    • Widen learning and sharing environment.
    • Exchange talk with useful and valuable topic.
    • Remark those whose stories stands out and lesson from each case.
    • Responsible for the academic for all publications, posts, products of the center.

2.     Requirements

  • Qualifications: Degree in Pedagogy, Science (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology…), Education Management, Business Administration or related majors.
  • Having ability to multitask, responsible for the job and inspire the students and the colleagues.
  • Having taught some international programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE…
  • Having experience in making and editing teaching videos.
  • Good at 04 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in communication, academic, specialized…
  • Microsoft Office efficiency (Word, Excel, Power Point…).
  • Good business presentation, negotiation, problem-solving skills…
  • Having at least 01 year experience in international education field.

Please send your information via this email: [email protected]

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