ITT – Japan is now the world’s third largest economy following USA and China. Along with it, Japanese gradually gain its position in the society. In order to catch up with global tendency, many individuals and enterprises have been interested in learning Japanese.

The attraction of Japanese mainly originates from Japanese culture which is a prosperous resource full of uniqueness and consistency in the people’s features and contemporaneity. Its nature, at the same time severe and poetic, has contributed in forming a character with romance, somehow gloomy, realistic and especially powerful notion on spiritual life in Japanese people.

In terms of language, Japanese is monosyllabic with syllables scarcely connected to one another to form rimes, no accent and very fast speaking speed. Homophones are usually distinguished by word stress, intonation and context. Writing includes 3 systems of letters: Higarana, Katakana and Kanji. Higarana is used for pure Japanese, Katakana for words adopted from foreign languages – usually Western vocabulary, Kanji for Sino-Japanese one. Therefore, Japanese is obviously known as hard to learn without perseverance.

Japanese speakers are able to apply for highly paid jobs for Japanese companies. Since Japan is augmenting its influence on other countries, especially Asian ones including Vietnam, there are more and more Japanese enterprises investing in Vietnam throughout economy collaboration program. Some people learn Japanese simply because of their passion for Japanese culture. In spite of different purposes of learning this language, Japanese learners must have great determination and strong will to pursue the study.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Japanese courses. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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Working environment at Intertu Education is more professional than many other places I’ve ever taught. The curriculum is very open so I can promote all my capabilities to students.

Louis Barber Corallo - English & Art Teacher

Business English course is held scientifically and methodically. Teacher made ​​the situation very closely with the actual working environment at the company. Certainly, my company will cooperate with Intertu Education more and more in the future.


After 8 sessions of Communicative English, I felt improved, more confident about my abilities, and actively open up with native speakers. Now, I’m currently able to apply communication skills in English for my working environment.


Learning Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in IB program at Intertu Education, I easily acquire the in­depth knowledge than just sitting and reading at school. The lecture is designed alluringly so I passed the exam with high result.

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