Cambridge Sciences for Kids

Cambridge Sciences for Kids

ITT – Cambridge Sciences for Kids is a program for students aged 5 to 11, which is scientifically designed to assess academic performance in learning three subjects in English: Mathematics, English and Science.

For children, studying English and getting acquainted with subjects in English will help children develop linguistic, mathematical and science-related skills such as acquisitive, organizational, creative, manipulative, and communicative.

However, students often have some difficulties in studying these subjects in English:

  • It is difficult for students to concentrate on their learning for a long period of time.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult for students to memorize much new English vocabulary.
  • Students are sometimes shy and not confident in answering questions in English.
  • Making too many mistakes cause students discouraged and depressed.

Therefore, there are some best practices for quick improvement:

  • Studying through pictures, videos, stories, or experiments to make the lesson fun, exciting, and engaging to students.
  • Changing the methods of approaching to fit students with different personalities.
  • Regular practices to help students communicate confidently in English.
  • Encouraging frequently students to motivate them.

Joining the Cambridge Sciences for Kids program, students will be provided with the knowledge and skills in three subjects:


  • Focusing on spelling and pronunciation immediately at the beginning.
  • Practicing communicating and reading through short conversations or stories for children.

Math in English:

  • Providing ample vocabulary of mathematics with well-defined concepts and a variety of exercises.
  • Developing solving math, visual drawing, logical thinking, independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

Science in English:

  • Providing ample vocabulary with basic knowledge which is visualized vividly through diagrams, images and videos, helping students to absorb easily.
  • Developing scientific research skills, scientific thinking, approaching and applying theories learned through experiments.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Cambridge Sciences for Kids. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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