Physics training course for teachers

Physics training course for teachers

ITT – Recently, our education has been changing positively according to the development of society. It is easy to realize that teaching subjects in English is now very common. As the result, enrolling in Physics training course for teachers can grant learners many career opportunities.

Teaching Physics in English has some difficulties:

  • Limited English vocabulary obstructs teachers from teaching Physics in English.
  • Knowing Physics terminology is crucial in order to explain Physics concepts to students.
  • The knowledge and concepts are abstract and difficult to explain, especially, in English.
  • Writing an engaging lesson plan in English is more challenging than that in Vietnamese.
  • The teaching methodology used to teach Physics in Vietnamese might not be employed to teach Physics in English.
  • There are disparities between Vietnamese Physics curricula and International Physics curricula.
  • Many Physics concepts, notations, question styles … in Vietnamese Math curricula and International Math curricula are not identical.

Therefore, finding appropriate methods to become proficient in teaching Physics in English is very important to:

  • Improve your English skills; enhance your vocabulary and Physics terminology.
  • Learn and practice how to teach Physics in English.
  • Prepare the great lesson plans.
  • Be able to watch and learn from English videos about Physics topics.
  • Be able to self-study and research information by assessing the massive data and knowledge written in English.
  • Pronounce English words and sentences accurately; and be able to adjust your speed of speech so that students can catch up.
  • Draw graphs; explain lab experiments or practical applications as examples for lessons.

In Physics training course for teachers, learners will be equiped with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Provide vocabulary and Physics terms in English from grades 6 to 12 divided into many topics such as measurements and uncertainties, mechanics, thermal physics, oscillations and wave, electricity and magnetism, Quantum and Nuclear Physics.
  • Pronounce Physics terms accurately.
  • Be able to translate Vietnamese Physics problems into English.
  • Learn how to interpret Physics problems and present the solutions in English.
  • Be able to explain all Physics concepts clearly and confidently in English.
  • Learn some teaching methodologies to teach Physics effectively in English.
  • Know some tips to interact efficiently with students, especially international students.
  • Be able to prepare effective Physics lesson plans and produce easy-to-understand Physics lessons in English.
  • Have at least two theoretical sessions and one practical session per week.

Intertu Education is currently offering Physics training course for teachers. For further assistance please feel free to contact us directly, via email or hotline for free consultation.

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  • Tôi tên lý Posted 18/04/2019 17:14

    Nay có lớp nào cho GV vật lý ko bạn?

    • Đỗ Thành Danh Posted 22/04/2019 16:04

      Hiện trung tâm đang khai giảng khóa Toán, còn khóa Lý vẫn nhận đăng ký nhưng chưa có ngày khai giảng cụ thể

  • Cao thị vân anh Posted 01/06/2019 00:35

    Tôi muốn học

    • Đỗ Thành Danh Posted 01/06/2019 09:25

      Bạn vui lòng cho xin số điện thoại để trung tâm tiện liên hệ hoặc bạn có thể gọi đến hotline của trung tâm 02822426282 để được thông tin thêm

  • Vũ Thu Hiền Posted 11/07/2019 15:44

    Tối muốn đăng kí, bên mình có thể tư vấn cho em hình thức học tập dược không ạ

    • Đỗ Thành Danh Posted 11/07/2019 17:48

      Bạn vui lòng cho xin số điện thoại để trung tâm tiện liên hệ hoặc bạn có thể gọi đến hotline của trung tâm 02822426282 để được thông tin thêm.

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