AP tips for exams to practice and get high score

AP tips for exams to practice and get high score

ITT – While there are still a lot of other things to concern, AP exams are coming. Gaining a 5 in all AP exams is not easy. Let’s have a look at the AP tips for exams to get better results, shall we?

  1. Set up schedule: Every 7 months, AP exams occur during the first two weeks of the month. You should know your exam schedule and plan your own studying route. By doing that, you can learn moderately and avoid overloading at the last minutes.
  2. Build your own support tools: You should summarize or give an outline of each section you have learned. This is an amazing way of studying, especially for subjects which mainly based on textbooks and theories. Moreover, have various notes on each section to review your lessons.

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  1. Use reference books: Reference books are not substitutes for main textbooks or all you learned in class for the whole year. However, reference books can help you a lot in enlarging your knowledge and in AP tips for exams.
  2. Practice fast writing: This is one of AP exam tips for you to answer all questions in time and to convert your thinking into writing before time runs out. You should organize the time for each part, remember to draft and fix your answers in a limited time. Fast and fluent writing is important, but make sure that your essay has a clear topic and is coherently organized so that the examiners can easily track your key points. The more you practice, the better you will do this. When you misspell or want to replace ideas, just cross them out and continue writing to save time, the examiners won’t bother them. Your typing practice can also benefits fast and clear idea organizing in traditional writing.

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  1. Wear a watch when you take an exam: On the exam day, remember to bring a watch since phones are not allowed. Notice the time you spend finding the right answer and writing them in the right row in each question.
  2. Set a clear goal for the scores wanted: You should learn how a scoring system works and have a clear picture of the score you want. This can create an oriented learning. Knowing the system can also help you determine which question to answer first and how much time you should spend for that question.
  3. Find online sources for materials: Nowadays, it is not hard to find a web which has guidance and AP tips for exams for information consultation.

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