How to study IB Math SL?

How to study IB Math SL?

ITT – IB is a program taught in most international schools in Vietnam, where Math is a compulsory subject. The choice of IB Math at the Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL) depends on the ability and intentions of the student. So how to study IB Math SL?

IB Math is divided into 4 levels with SL and HL.

  • Mathematical Studies SL: Focus on connected background subjects and learner’s understanding of basic concepts, reasoning
  • Mathematics SL: Focus on introducing key concepts through the development of simple computational skills that can be applied to practical issues.
  • Mathematics HL: Focus on developing advanced concepts, exploring the forms and structures of mathematics, solving practical problems and understanding the connections between various topics.
  • Further Mathematics HL: Focus on other aspects of mathematics, developing overall awareness for all concepts and subject areas.

IB Math’s difficulty depends on the student’s choice. If students choose SL, the knowledge is not too difficult and the development of relevant skills needed for the course is quite easy. Here are some ways to know how to study IB Math SL?

Do not miss any lectures that you don’t understand. If you can not understand a lecture from your teacher after asking the teacher repeatedly, you need to seek help from outside such as asking a friend or finding tutors if necessary.

Do all homework. You should not ignore any homework because homework makes up a high percentage of final score in the IB program, doing all category of homework will help you deepen your knowledge in each topic.

Do not just start with the IB Math SL exams. Although deepen into the form and structure of mathematics as IB Math HL, but with IB Math SL, students still need to master all types of exercises for each topic. Do not wait until the exam day, you will not have enough time to prepare well for your examination.

In addition, students can learn more by learning in the IB Math SL study guide or by referring to IB Math SL books by renowned publishers such as Cambridge, Oxford, Pearson… in order to know how to study IB Math SL clearly.

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