SAT tips and strategies

SAT tips and strategies

ITT – Finding wrong answer instead of right one or answering questions from easy to hard ordinal are strategies that would help students get high score in SAT test. You should take some SAT tips and strategies.

It is important to keep in mind that SAT is not a measure of intelligent or success in future. It just evaluates how well you take the test. Once students have understood this, getting high score would be easier than ever. They should take these SAT tips and strategies as following:

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  1. Indicating wrong answer instead of right one: This is called as process of elimination. Score would not be reduced if choosing wrong answer, so students should always make a guess, even if they have to choose a completely random answer. Because of having 4 different answer in each question, so students would get 33% of getting correct answer by just eliminating a wrong one. For example, if there are 9 questions, for each one they eliminate a wrong answer and guess the correct based on the rest, according to probability, they would get 3 correct and 6 wrong respond.
  2. Answer from easy-to-hard ordinal questions: Questions in SAT is not arranged randomly. Therefore, determining tough or easy questions is very important. Students would be only scored if they have correct answer. They should concentrate on doing questions of easy or average level for them to achieve maximum score as they can.
  3. Using their own book reviews: Initiative steps are very important in SAT test. Students should note in their books to stay focused. Monitoring themselves directly on each page of note books would help students avoid making mistakes. When they have to answer questions they are not sure, they should circle and make a big question mark next to these questions. By doing these SAT tips and strategies, they could get back to determine the correct answer if time is not over.
  4. Choosing appropriate time to get SAT: Even though there is not a specific regulation about how many times students can get SAT, they should not take it more than 3 times. They only can take the real test when they get expected score in practice tests. These tests should have similar format, structure, scoring method, regulated time like the real in order to evaluate correctly their qualifications.


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