Strategies for Success on the New ACT Essay

Strategies for Success on the New ACT Essay

ITT – ACT has changed the scoring of the essay. The new essay is scored in four separate domains: Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use. Each domain  will be scored on a scale of 1–6; each domain score will be the sum of those two readers’ scores. To get a better result in writing new essay, students should remember these strategies for success on the new ACT essay.

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1. Take 10 Minutes to Pre-Write

The ACT has added 10 minutes to the Writing Test. Given the complexity of this new assignment, the extended time suggests that the test writers believe you should be spending those 10 minutes for pre-writing. Most students face a ticking clock so they often begin writing their essays immediately. This results in repeating some words or phrases. Pre-writing is always good for your writing.

2. Create a System of Analysis

Analyzing is to break a thing into its parts. But how to actually do that?

Try asking the following four questions when you read each perspective:

  1. Who might hold this perspective?
  2. Why would they hold it?
  3. What if we all held this perspective?
  4. What is one weakness or strength of this perspective?

After answering these questions, analyzing will be easier.

3. Write Down Notes

As you ask these questions about each perspective, you need to jot down your thoughts. This frees up your short-term memory and easier to make the outline for your body paragraphs.

4. Use the Word “I”

High school English teacher often trying to wean students from using phrases like “I think” and “I believe,” which they believe weaken writing.

College writing classes are increasingly embracing students’ usage of “I,” and in an assignment like this one, where students are asked to describe the relationships between perspectives, clarity is often achieved through using their personal experience to support their ideas. Thus, using “I.” is recommended as one of strategies for success on the new ACT essay.

5. Sell Your Examples with Details

The essay should still be persuasive. Specific details not only show the value of the statement but also make the essay more interesting to read. Every statement should be followed by some real life examble.

6. “Power Pose”

“Fake it until you are it” – Professor Amy. Pretending to be a person who knows about the topic when you read a writing assignment on a topic you don’t know much about. You’ll find that as you analyze, you will start to develop an opinion on the topic.

Chiến thuật viết luận ACT mới 2018

Sometimes, strategies for success on the new ACT essay is acknowledging the limits of your own experience can give your writing credibility. So by all means, write with authority when you analyze the given perspectives, but when it comes to your own position, it’s okay to not show that your statement true or false.

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