What is AP certificate?

What is AP certificate?

ITT – What is AP certificate is not a difficult question because AP program is not too strange with students at international school in Vietnam or students who want to study abroad. If you get AP certificate, you will have more chance to learn at top universities.

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In Vietnam, standard curriculum is given by Ministry of Education and Training and students are compulsory to learn based on this program. However, in international program, students will select different context books from different education systems or advanced education programs of many countries in the world, including AP program. Thus, what is AP certificate?

AP certificate is established by College Board organization (the organization conducts SAT exam and TOEFL exam). AP includes of courses which are correlative content of training in the first year at university. This program helps students familiarize and have chance to get credits when they are still studying at high school. Those steps are very important in order to decide success of your plan to study abroad as well as give learning orientation effectively. According to many researches, if students have learned AP courses at high school, they will graduate university in exact program with high percentage (about 62%) than students haven’t learned AP at high school.

AP program is quite popular in US and Canada. AP knowledge is higher than usual and it is equivalent with first year at university. AP exam is hold in May every year by multiple-choice and writing forms. AP courses are variety chosen by almost students in over 100 countries in the world. According to research of College Board, 85% universities and colleges in US is prior to receive students who learned AP at high school and 31% is prior AP to grant scholarship. Besides, AP mark is also accepted as requirements of entrance admission of almost universities and colleges at over 60 countries in the world.

To meet the demand of learning AP of students who want to study abroad or learn at international universities, many international education centers have opened offering after school programs for AP course about Sciences and Economics subjects. This program has also received much care of learners. However, students need to find out carefully training quality as well as teaching methods of teachers and tutors at center before making decision. So you know what is AP certificate.

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Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for AP courses (AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Economics, AP English Language and Literature). For inquires, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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