IB Physics learning methods

IB Physics learning methods

ITT – Physics is an important subject of IB program. This requires not only knowledge and skills of doing tests, but also outstand academic English. So what are IB Physics learning methods?

  1. Being interest in the subject: Students would have motivation to learn this when they are interest in. Therefore, they should regularly read scientific books, participate in activities relating to Physics such as club or online forums or other groups, ask questions about surrounding thing and get answers through knowledge of this subject. By doing so, they would find fascinations of it.
  2. Enriching academic English: To master subjects in English, firstly they have to possess outstanding academic English, which usually appear in multiple-choice exams. It is necessary to remember that they can lose points in their exam just because of one unfamiliar word. Indeed, they could learn and memorize 10-20 new words every day to improve this issue. For unknown and important words, they should note and figure out meaning of these vocabularies later on.
  3. Perceive promptly lessons: To do this, students need to review previous lessons, prepare carefully for new one, do exercises as many as they can, concentrate deeply on things teachers say as well as ask teachers or friends about questions relating to unknown things. That’s one of IB Physics learning methods you should know.

IB Physics SL syllabus

  1. Doing self-study: Standard curricula in classes do not actually cover knowledge to explain for all things. To obtain high score in IB examination, learners should refer various kinds of textbooks, and do a lot of exercises as they can in order to improve their intellects, cumulate and understand thoughtfully basic-to-advanced knowledge.
  2. Learning in groups: Students should operate their own groups to study together. They may find fascination, generate amazing ideas or methods to approach issues by studying together. As a result, they will understand lessons more easily.
  3. Arrange and manage time reasonably: Students need to manage their study time adequately. They have to balance two parts in the subject – qualitative and quantitative researches. Now you’ve got IB Physics learning methods.

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