The difference between GMAT and GRE

The difference between GMAT and GRE

ITT – The two exams GMAT and GRE are well known but one can easily be mistaken for the other since people can hardly distinguish their differences. So what is the difference between GMAT and GRE?

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is the entrance exam of most graduate schools for majors such as sciences and technology. It also helps universities and scholarship corporations to properly evaluate the candidates’ abilities for graduate studies in the US. GRE measures 3 basic skills of candidates which are Verbal, Math and Analytical Writing skill. GRE certificates may allow students to be accepted in MBA and other graduate programs.

Luyện thi chứng chỉ GMAT và GRE

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is used to evaluate qualifications of candidates who want to participate in graduate studies of management and business major. Most economic schools base on the GMAT result to recruit students for the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree program. GRE or GMAT result is usually used as one of the qualifications to assess candidates’ abilities for graduate programs.

The difference between GMAT and GRE is their test structures and topics. Because of the differences in test structures and topics, the evaluation of candidates is also different. For example, in GMAT, recruiters consider mostly the candidate’s test scores. In this exam, candidates need to take an analyzing test, a writing test and a reasoning test. Students will have to spend a lot of time to prepare for the test. In GRE, the evaluation can be said to be easier for candidates. They only have to write one analytical essay and take an experiment test (for Math or Verbal skill) at 30 minutes each.

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The difficult levels of the two exams, hence, are also different. GMAT Math is hard, requiring a lot of formulas memorization. In the contrary, GRE is easier with the focus on writing, verbal and vocabulary using skills. Moreover, the fees to learn and take GMAT exam are higher comparing to GRE. Among the difference between GMAT and GRE, there are a few similarities which are the certificate validity of 5 years and the fact that these exams are computer-based.

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