Self-learning GRE experience

Self-learning GRE experience

ITT – To be able to compete in the new century, a lot of young people choose to continue their study to Masters or even Doctors degree after graduating from university. For these candidates, a good advice is that you should have yourself prepared with self-learning GRE experience to optimize your score on this essential test.

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On GRE exam, candidates can choose among two options: do the test on paper or work with computer. No matter what method, candidates need to finish these part of the exam: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. However, there will be an additional part for the test on computer. Although the result of this test will not be counted in the total score, it can be used by examiners to make some particular comparisons on candidates’ abilities and potential.

As usual, GRE examination is held on October, November and December. Thus, it is the most appropriate to start preparing from June or July. The preparation period might be long or short depending on ability and time flexibility of each candidate. Here are the crucial key points to know and understand before taking the exam: the test structure, the types of question, time allowed and the number of questions in each part as well as the procedures that candidates need to follow. The following self-learning GRE experience help you get good grades on the exam.

In the preparation period, candidates should keep reviewing knowledge day by day while getting used to the sample tests. It is important to practice as much as possible to recognize what are your strengths and weaknesses to gain self-learning GRE experience.

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning contain most of the total point; therefore, a helpful tip is candidates should quickly finish questions that you know then move to the next part before coming back for the remaining ones. In Analytical Writing, students have to well manage their time to come up with a topic, make an outline and write the essay based on your ideas. On top of that, a little time should be spent for grammar checking. Although correcting grammar is not time-consuming, an error-free essay may make a good impression to examiners.

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