How to self-study SAT?

How to self-study SAT?

ITT – Due to social development, studying abroad becomes more and more common and US is the most favorite country of parents and students. Therefore, students definitely should not ignore SAT degree – one of a compulsory degree of US universities. To have a good result, we need to know how to self-study SAT.

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SAT exam information

SAT is a standardized assessment test that is widely used for university admissions in the American education system. SAT structure is divided into 2 subjects: Math in English and the combination of Reading – Writing, the exam will last 3 hours and 45 minutes with 10 parts, and after parts 2, 4, 6, examinees will have 5 minutes to break. Especially in SAT, examinees will get points for correct answers and will not be penalized for wrong answers.

Identifying goals and information about SAT will help you summarize how to self-study SAT to have a specific plan for the exam. It will help you have the best result for the SAT exam.

How to study SAT effectively?

Understanding structure and time of the exam will help you have a specific study plan for the SAT exam. Setting goals from the beginning will help learners identify how much effort they will need to achieve their goals, and make an effective goal for SAT exam. It might not last too long, but if you have enough effort, time does not matter anymore.

You should start with knowledge that you have already learnt, and then focus on doing trial testes. Doing exercises regularly to form your thinking and accustom yourself to the form of SAT exam. It will help students have their own experiences in doing tests and managing time effectively. Moreover, if you do exercises many times, you can gain self-learning SAT experience, and when you know how to self-study SAT, you can pass the SAT exam easily.

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