SAT 1 exam and things to know

SAT 1 exam and things to know

ITT – SAT is a commonly standardized test which be interested in Vietnam. Planning for studying abroad, many people are looking for SAT preparation courses to ensure passing the exam. So, what do you know about SAT and SAT 1 exam in particular?

kỳ thi sat 1 - cấu trúc đề thi sat

SAT is widely recognized throughout the world, which is used as a measure of predicting academic ability of learners in US universities, aims to test language and calculation skills of candidates. SAT exam was introduced in 1926 and now has multiple versions due to change in both ways of how to create exam questions and marking method.

The form of SAT 1 exam is maintained over the years, which checked out three skills: reading comprehension (70 minutes), mathematics (70 minutes) and writing (60 minutes). Essays was writing part is not scored but it was an important criteria for differentiating candidates and selecting application forms equally. In the exam, vocabulary is a part which “puzzling” most of contestants because the knowledge has stretched in many fields: culture, social, sciences, and natural. This part also makes difficult for American students. Calculation part skills includes 3 types of questions: questions with 5 answers, quantitative comparisons with four answers and questions that candidates have to give their own answers.

kỳ thi sat 1 - luyện thi sat

SAT 1 exam is multiple-choice form, which includes a lot of “trap” in questions. Candidates need to consider very carefully before choosing the answer, do not randomly select answers because it might lead to be penalized. This is different from multiple-choice exams in Vietnam. Therefore, candidates should practice this format of exam a lot. Besides, students also need to learn and get used to American units of measurement to calculate quickly and accurately when doing exam. Exams which have scores higher than 1,900 will have a great advantage in competing in the prestigious universities in the US. Therefore, the best solution for candidates is to participate in SAT preparation course in order to achieve American dream of studying.

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