How long for taking GRE preparation?

How long for taking GRE preparation?

ITT – If you are planning to study postgraduate program, you should think about “important key” such as GMAT and GRE. Thus, how long for taking GRE preparation?

Luyện thi GRE trong bao lâu - test

GRE is an entrance exam of almost universities in US to assess postgraduate standards (learning MA or doctor) of candidates in natural and social sciences major in US (except medicine and laws).

GRE exam paper is used for comparing and assessing learning result of different postgraduate candidates and other relative certificates. The exam has 2 forms:

  • General GRE (General test) is a general exam for all students wanting to learn postgraduate program and done on computer.
  • Major GRE (Subject test) is a major exam in 8 fields (Chemistry, Biology, Sciences Computer…) and done on paper.

So how long for taking GRE preparation? GRE preparation spends about 3-6 months to complete and depends on ability as well as output requirement of learners.

In 6-months stage before taking exam: Preparation to familiarize with questions

In this stage, almost your knowledge has been completed. Therefore, you will do some sample tests in previous GRE exams. You should start practicing writing in this stage because this part makes up 2 points in total 6 points. The more time you practice writing, the better you are in writing skill and it helps easily going to main point of the exam.

In 3-months stage before taking exam: This is sprint stage decides the final result

You are no longer have time to learn vocabulary or get familiar with all questions. In this stage, you have to practice sample tests and check time as well as guarantee exact result for each part you have done. Solving sample tests is very important before taking the real one. The more sample test you solve, the more probability you can see a couple of questions you have ever done.

Those are some tips to help you prepare well for the exam. However, the definition for certain time of the question how long for taking GRE preparation is prediction and sometimes, it is inexact with many people. The time depends on goal and ability of each person when preparing for taking GRE certificate.

Luyện thi GRE trong bao lâu - test

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