Where is a good place for SSAT test preparation?

Where is a good place for SSAT test preparation?

ITT – Nowadays, at international school, it has not only applied teaching science in English but also international certificates, including the SSAT. The exam is a standardized input for grades 5-11 students to study private secondary and high schools in the US. Some students wishing to study overseas are planning to take the SSAT exam. Where is a good place for SSAT test preparation to achieve the high score is the question that most of students are wondering.

Luyện thi SSAT ở đâu tốt - study

An important point of SSAT exam is percentage points: it means of the score of the student will be compared with other students with the same age and gender were taken exam within 3 years at US and Canada. When receiving score, students can send the results to their desired high schools. Then, each school will take consider whether to accept or not based on their own criteria.

SSAT prep students are often asking where a good place for SSAT test preparation is to reach a high score. And, the answer is that there are many ways for preparation but it depends on how to choose an effective method that can save time. In the international school, students can take SSAT test preparation course, however, there are a lot of subjects to study and the teacher can’t give you more information because of limited time. Some good students rather buying books to self-prepare for SSAT exam but they also need an instructor.

Currently, in Ho Chi Minh City, there have many international certificates preparation centers for students wishing to study in the United States. Attending a course at center, the SSAT prep tutor provides basic knowledge and SSAT exam. Tutors also assist students in finding methods to do exam or take mock tests regularly in order to avoid unfamiliarity in SSAT exam. This helps students to be confident when doing the exam and get more experiences for SSAT exam.

Because of the quantity of centers, finding a quality and prestige one is not that simple. Parents need to find out carefully before sending their child to learn at the center for SSAT test preparation.

Luyện thi SSAT ở đâu tốt - test

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