Take SAT or ACT?

Take SAT or ACT?

ITT – SAT and ACT are standardized examinations in many places and are one of the criteria in the admissions process of prestigious universities. Should student take SAT or ACT?

Currently, SAT and ACT are among the most popular reviews for American universities and other universities around the world. So many students still consider to take SAT or ACT.

  • ACT (American College Testing): ACT will be as same as lessons in text books that students have learned in their school without puzzling about knowledge, vocabulary, or excessive intelligence. All students just need to master knowledge they have learned as well as practice some skills of taking test in room, getting over stress when taking test will be able to successfully complete this test. ACT Writing Test is optional, and students who are not confident in writing skills may choose ACT test that does not include writing test. However, most universities want an appreciation of writing skill of their students during admissions process.
  • SAT (Scholastics Assessments Test): SAT focuses on vocabulary, logical thinking and reasoning abilities, ability to apply and further development based on the knowledge learned in school. SAT has a slightly longer duration than ACT but also gives them more time to work on each question. The number of SAT sections is split more than ACT and rotated. Unlike ACT, SAT has a written examination section that is mandatory and does not include Science section.

To increase visibility of admission committee, students should consider taking SAT Subject Test to supplement their elective courses. This is an optional competency assessment and students will be given one of 20 subjects in 5 majors: Math, English, History, Science and Foreign Language. Select the appropriate subjects related to majors to help student increase the ability to pass the entrance to the top universities.

Although there are some difference between SAT and ACT, universities are not biased towards selection process. The most important thing is the result of student on the common ground so choosing fit exam for student is the most important factor. It is hoped that through these perspectives, students will be able to see qualities of each exam in line with their expectations in the future. Then you know that what should you take SAT or ACT?

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