Is there any interesting of English Literature?

Is there any interesting of English Literature?

ITT – English Language and Literature subject is difficult with learners, however, it makes more interest and curiosity, which traditional learning method can’t bring to students. Thus, is there any interesting of English Literature?

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English Language and Literature subject has both sciences and reality that students can apply in daily communication and behavior. Learning English language and Literature helps students express freely their feeling or thinking about problems in life. Since then, students not only practice logical thinking and speaking skill but also use English fluently in presenting any problems and things. Through Literature lessons, you can supplement an amount of English vocabularies as well as useful lessons about morals and human life philosophy. Besides, learning literary works helps you have chance to find out culture of many countries in the world that connects us to the world.

Learning English Literature, students can be developed literature knowledge such as analysis, meditation and discussion. In addition, reading and writing skills will be especially focused in this subject. Learning English language and Literature, teachers will help students get exposed great literature throughout history, learn from classical literature to modern ones, which requires students to research documents relevant to political context, culture, history in every different time points. When teaching discourse, teachers can help students to recognize textures, argues. Thus, students will be acquired to expand English vocabulary while doing English essays.

However, English Literature subject has big quantity of theory, especially general works, literary history or human life and morals lessons. Therefore, students have faced with many difficulties in learning process.

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