What’s ACT exam?

What’s ACT exam?

ITT – In recent years, with the increasing of studying abroad demand, many students choose to take international certification exam as a springboard. ACT (American College Testing) is chosen by a lot of students. Therefore, what’s ACT exam?

ACT is a standardized entrance exam of most colleges and universities in US to assess candidates for admission selection. ACT exam does not measure intelligence or wisdom of students, it focuses on natural and social knowledge and what you have learned at school. ACT would like to assess whether students have prepared enough necessary knowledge for entry to universities or not by their learning efforts. Therefore, take ACT exam is quite suitable option for diligent students. However, what’s ACT exam?

In schools, the requirement of ACT scores is different. As a result, students have to figure out and follow carefully the requirement scores of school that you intend to study. ACT is held annually, periodically from September to December, February, April and June.

How does ACT exam happen

You should also pay attention and find out exam structure. There are 4 parts in ACT exam which are English, Literature, Mathematics and Sciences including 215 multiple-choice questions. Exam duration takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes or may be longer if students take extra writing test within 30 minutes.

Exam scale of ACT is 1 to 36. Each correct answer is a point (wrong answer is not penalized). Points are recorded for each section and the last point is the average of 4 parts.

Method of learning and preparing ACT are also quite important. You should review key knowledge of the main parts combined with enhancing new knowledge and practicing writing ability. Conquering sections which you are struggling with helps to pass ACT exam easily.

What’s ACT exam?

Now, you should begin choosing to study at a quality and reliable center supporting ACT exam. As a results, you already known what’s ACT exam.

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