Where to take GRE exam?

Where to take GRE exam?

ITT – GRE is assessed as an extremely difficult requirement for those who want to get the scholarship. Where to take GRE exam?

Thi GRE ở đâu - study

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a required English language proficiency test for students study postgraduate programs (Master or PhD) in the field of science, nature, society, or get a scholarship at universities in US is organized and designed by Educational Testing Service. This is the entrance exam of postgraduate programs majored sciences.

GRE exam results are often used as a factor in assessing the success of the contestants in the graduate program and it is an indispensable part in the profile to apply for postgraduate program in US. GRE test assesses thinking, language, reasoning and analysis abilities. GRE score is valuable for quite a long time (5 years). But where to take GRE exam?

Registration place is Ha Noi, HCM City and Da Nang. Searching for the closest GRE test center where you are living. There are only 3 exam papers each year (February, October, November), but based-computer tests are held more often. To prepare for GRE exam, firstly you should check personal capacity by trying to do sample GRE exam to find out your weaknesses. Next, you need to attend a course in GRE preparation center, in which you will be supported and consulted about GRE exam. However, you should consider carefully teaching methods. What you need from a good preparation exam center is science method, tips, strategy and importantly tips to help achieving GRE certificate. As such, you can come closer to your dream.

But after all, whether you find the answer where to take GRE, the first thing you need is preparation. Therefore, you have to spend as much time as possible to practice the sample tests every day to get familiar with the structure of the exam and know how to manage time logically in order to complete the exam. So you know where to take GRE exam.

Thi GRE ở đâu - test

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