The situation of studying SAT in Ho Chi Minh City

The situation of studying SAT in Ho Chi Minh City

ITT – During the period of international integration, the trend of studying abroad is increasingly popular in Vietnam. At the same time, the needs to get certificates of international programs including the SAT is also increasing. Typically, the situation of studying SAT in Ho Chi Minh City has changed dramatically.

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SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the standardized exams for enrolling in some colleges in the United States. SAT is managed by the nonprofit organization College Board of the United States and developed by the organization ETS – Educational Testing Service.

SAT requires great efforts of learners. Not only outside knowledge, students must have good English proficiency and essay writing skill and oral English. However, foreign language and skills are weak points of Vietnamese students because of passivity, shyness, lack confidence when communicating.

Nowadays, SAT is increasingly popular so the situation of studying SAT in Ho Chi Minh City is very attractive. However, this program is quite new, the teachers are also very limited. Teachers who are fluent in language and have deep knowledge can cover this course. In addition, teachers are required to have experience to understand the common challenges of Vietnamese students as well as know which learning method is the most appropriate Vietnamese.

In general, the situation of studying SAT in Ho Chi Minh City is hampered by language barriers, education and teachers. However, you should still invest in learning right now because there is no limit can go through unless you try hard. Studying abroad is no longer a dream if Vietnamese students can achieve SAT. However, it is difficult to know where is the good place to take SAT course, so you should consider carefully before making decision.

If you’re a beginner, you should find a qualified SAT center providing both experienced Vietnamese and native teachers to instruct you. The cost you spend may not as expected but at the same time you also earn a firm knowledge without having to learn from the beginning. The most important is that your teachers are well-trained and experienced. If they have advanced degrees, but not good at imparting knowledge, then there is no result. Finding a good teacher is not as good as finding an appropriate one.

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