Where is a qualified IB preparation center?

Where is a qualified IB preparation center?

ITT – IB program is not strange with international school students in Vietnam or who are going to study abroad. If you have IB certificate, you can study easily at famous universities in many countries. However, you need to have a good preparation plan at prestigious IB preparation center.

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IB is one of the best pre-university programs in over the world. The curriculum is about 2 years which requires students to choose 6 subjects from 5 different fields that are Language, Humanism, Sciences, Math and Art. To be qualified for IB certificate, students need to complete an elective essay about 4000 words and a Theory of Knowledge course in a year to help them expand knowledge about human and life. This program helps students develop necessary skills such as analysis and argument…

Catching the trend, IB preparation center have been opened. They are enrolling potential students for IB program and IB preparation. At center, students will be provided methods as well as skills to do different tests that match individual ability. The problem is that learners don’t know which IB preparation center is qualified. Nowadays, there are no guarantee for centers that makes parents and students worried to find a qualified one. The difficult question is that how to find a qualified and prestigious preparation center with experienced teachers in order to teach or provide tips and experiences to take IB test with high mark.

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Before finding a qualified IB preparation center with suitable teaching method, you had better do sample IB tests to familiarize and assess your ability. You should master structure of the test as well as understand your strong or weak points to find a suitable preparation center where helps you supplement knowledge and overcome difficulties. You also should find out carefully whether or not both goal of yours and the center is correlative with. How about the teaching method of that center? Most of candidates of IB certificate want to do the test with high result. Therefore, tips to do the test is the most important aspect to choose a place to learn IB preparation.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for IB preparation, AP preparation, A-level preparation, IGCSE preparation, SAT preparation. For inquires, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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