ITT – Chemistry is considered as “the center of science”, which bridges other natural sciences. Chemistry in English knowledge is quite abstract, difficult to visualize, and requires a good cognitive recognition in students.

The Chemistry program in English consisting of knowledge from the basic to the advanced levels is divided into two main sections as follows:

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Matter – atom – molecules, chemical reaction, metals, nonmetals, oxidation-reduction reactions, halogen, oxygen-sulfur, nitrogen-phosphorus, carbon-silicon, inorganic compounds.
  • Organic Chemistry: Functional groups, Hydrocarbons, fuels, derivatives of hydrocarbons, polymers, general organic chemistry, saturated hydrocarbons, unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, natural hydrocarbons, halogenated phenols, esters – lipids, carbohydrates, amino, amino acids and proteins, polymers.

Therefore, the difficulty in studying Chemistry in English is unavoidable, since:

  • Inorganic chemistry has a variety of theories, diverse reactions including many redox reactions or the same reaction with different conditions.
  • Organic chemistry includes simpler exercises but complicated explanation since the formulas are usually longer.
  • Chemistry terms in English are relatively difficult to remember. The names of the substances are similar but their formulas and properties are different.

Therefore, students should have an appropriate method to learn Chemistry in English:

  • To Inorganic Chemistry, it is important to understand the structures and properties of each metal, nonmetal, compound, remember and be able to balance equations, chain reactions and grasping reagents.
  • For Organic Chemistry, it is important to remember the structures of substances in order to derive the properties by compiling the table of organic compounds in detail.
  • Improving your English, especially the Chemistry terms.
  • Carrying out experiments is also a method of remembering knowledge.

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