ITT – ACT is a standardized test that allows universities’ admissions to evaluate and compare applicants. The ACT preparation has become more popular as more schools accept it.

The structure of the ACT exam is as follows:

  • Examination time: 175 minutes.
  • Score range: 1 – 36.
  • The exam consists of 4 compulsory multiple-choice parts and 1 optional part.

English (45 minutes): 75 questions to test spelling, grammar, reasonable and concise word and phrase usage.

Math (60 minutes): 60 algebra questions, geometry, and 3D geometry.

Reading comprehension (35 minutes): 40 questions with 4 reading passages.

Science (35 minutes): 40 questions with 7 paragraphs of scientific text that requires thinking.

Essay (30 minutes): This is optional, but many universities now require applicants to take this part of the exam.

As a standardized test, the difficulties of the ACT preparation are inevitable:

  • The test requires not only knowledge but also the ability to reason, analyze and solve a candidate’s problem through problem-solving in Math, reading and writing skills.
  • Taking the test in English is a challenge for candidates whose mother tongue is not English.
  • Due to the limited amount of time, you will not be able to finish the exam with your expected score `unless you have the skills or tactics.

Therefore, in order to complete the ACT with high scores, applicants need to:

  • Complete easy questions first to save time for the difficult ones.
  • Practice “skimming – scanning” skills to speed up reading with different types of passages.
  • Practice ACT past papers.
  • Review with ACT past papers or with SAT papers which are similar.
  • Concentrate on the use of sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation to express topics clearly
  • Organize ideas, and use a plenty of vocabulary.
  • The Science section deals with hard topics but the candidates are not required to understand the topics thoroughly but to show their scientific thinking.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for ACT preparation. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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