ITT – GMAT is an exam that assesses the ability of students to apply for a Master and PhD programs in business administration. More than 5,800 graduate business programs around the world now use this score as a minimum entry requirement. As such, GMAT preparation is very essential.

The structure of the GMAT exam is as follows:

  • Examination time: 210 minutes.
  • Score range: 200 – 800.
  • The exam consists of 4 parts.

Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes): 1 topic for critical analysis.

Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes): 12 questions on multi-source theories, graphical explanations, two-part analysis and table analysis.

Quantitative (75 minutes): 37 questions assessing mathematical abilities, quantitative reasoning skills, decomposing and mapping data.

Verbal (75 minutes): 41 questions assessing reading skills, correcting text in accordance with English language standards and the meaning of the article.

As a standardized test, the difficulty of the GMAT preparation is inevitable:

  • The exam is in English that requires specialized terminologies.
  • Due to the limited amount of time, you will not be able to finish the exam with a well-expected score so unless you have the skills or tactics.
  • Questions often hide information in each case of the question.
  • Verbal is the most difficult part with Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Therefore, in order to successfully complete the GMAT exam, candidates need to:

  • Build their own strategies for the exam.
  • Review with GMAT past papers.
  • Read the questions carefully in order to complete all of them.
  • Rearrange the given information in Math questions to make it a useful hint for the answers.
  • Spend more time for the first part of the paragraph and read carefully to understand the structure, tone and ideas arrangement leading to more accurate answers in the reading comprehension.
  • Focus on specific points of the argument and ignore other answers completely or unrelated to that argument.
  • To approach each sentence to find logical reasoning is better than to rely too much on the given details.
  • Remove unnecessary information for achieving a short and concise writing.

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