ITT – Biology focuses on living organisms, the relationship between them and the environment. Biology in English is a favorite subject in the international program.

The Biology program in English consisting of knowledge from the basic to the advanced levels is divided into several sections:

  • Cell
  • Biological molecules
  • Plant metabolism
  • Animal metabolism
  • Immunity
  • Energy and Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Biological homeostasis
  • Co-ordination and response
  • Genetics
  • Selection and evolution
  • Genetic technology
  • Organism and environment

Therefore, the difficulty in learning Biology in English is unavoidable, since:

  • With a wide range of fields from cells, micro-organisms, plants, animals to the ecology and human, the subject contains a vast amount of information.
  • The English terms for biology are quite large, especially the scientific name of the order, family, genus, species or name of the molecules, cells are often complex and difficult to remember.

Therefore, students should have an appropriate method to learn Biology in English:

  • Enriching scientific terms in Biology to read articles, absorb lessons better and not misunderstand exercises.
  • Learning by basic formulas, such as the formula for calculating height, twisting cycle, nucleotides of DNA, chromosomes, … when doing exercises.
  • Applying the knowledge into practice and drawing conclusions through experiments.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Biology courses in English and International Biology programs. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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  • nguyen thuận Posted 05/11/2018 10:47

    tôi muons mua sách song ngữ tiếng anh sinh học

    • Intertu Education Posted 05/11/2018 15:10

      Chào bạn!
      Hiện Intertu chỉ có sách Biology bằng tiếng Anh 100%, bạn quan tâm vui lòng liên hệ 02822426282 để đặt sách.

  • Uyển Nhi Posted 24/09/2019 19:01

    tôi muốn mua sách toán song ngữ

    • Intertu Education Posted 27/09/2019 14:30

      Bạn vui lòng cho xin số điện thoại để trung tâm tiện liên hệ hoặc bạn có thể gọi đến hotline của trung tâm 02822426282 để được thông tin thêm.

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