Specialized English

Specialized English

ITT – English is not only for daily communicative; it is also used in many fields. Studying Specialized English could create opportunities for professional development.

Learning Specialized English has some difficulties:

  • The specialized terms are difficult to remember. They are abstract and complex, especially idioms and phrases.
  • Specialized English require high accuracy of using words in writing and speaking.
  • The unfamiliar grammar or complex sentences make them difficult to grasp the meanings.
  • Specialized English in a major field is different from that in other major fields.

Therefore, learners need appropriate methods to improve quickly:

  • Consolidate specialized English vocabulary and terminologies.
  • Gain the habit of reading comprehension of documents, news and publications in English.
  • Improve reading techniques such as skimming, scanning, intensive and extensive.
  • Take note difficult words by topics and complex sentence structures to revise and memorise easier.

In Specialized English course, learners will be equiped with the knowledge and skills related to following topics:

  • Finance
  • Advertisement
  • Logistics
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Journalism
  • Pharmacy
  • Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Health and Medicine

Intertu Education is currently offering Specialized English courses. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us directly, via email or hotline for free consultation.

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