Business English

Business English

ITT – The economy is integrated day by day, and English has become an advantage to develop the current job and bring more opportunities in the future. To employees as well as the business environment, Business English is becoming more and more important.

Studying Business English, students often encounter some difficulties:

  • It is difficult for students to arrange time for studying English due to their busy agendas.
  • It is hard to focus on studying English after a hard working day.
  • Each sector of the business has a wide range of English terms in different fields of expertise.

So, there are some best practices for quick improvement:

  • Making plans and goals clear.
  • Focusing on pronunciation and enriching vocabulary.
  • Arranging daily learning time as listening to conversations and news in English in your leisure time.
  • Practicing communication with colleagues regularly, especially with native speakers.

Enrolling in Business English courses, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills such as:

  • Enriching business terminology and improving pronunciation and responding skills in communication in English.
  • Getting used to common sentences in the office, such as greetings, talking to colleagues; telephone communication with customers; emails to provide information, complaining and explain issues at work; describing products, services and working processes of the company; reporting skills.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Business English courses. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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