ITT – Maths is the most important subject in the education system. We need to demonstrate our logical ability in order to pass entrance exams. It is not easy to learn, therefore, it is even harder to solve mathematical problems written in another language or pursue an International Maths program.

Known as a natural science subject, Maths lays the foundation for acquisition of new knowledge. Maths isn’t all about memorizing, however, it is impossible to excel at this subject without mastering all of the theory. Making a chain is a good example of the Maths learning process. Without one piece, we can’t connect the rest together.

Students from international schools will have a chance to learn about geometry and algebra. Basic algebra includes: clauses and aggregation; constant; equations, system of equations; inequality, regardless of the equation; statistical; angle trigonometry and supply; trigonometric functions, combinatorial probability, sequence, arithmetic, exponential; survey function; exponential function, logarithmic function; primitives – integral; complex numbers…

Basic geometry includes: vectors, dot product of two vectors; methods of spatial coordinates; offsetting; straight lines and planes; perpendicular relationship; cone, cylinder, sphere… In short, Maths is not the tiring processing of memorizing but mainly about the application of theory into different types of exercises.

It is never a waste to invest your time and effort into this subject as it doesn’t only help you achieve high scores but also enhance your problem solving skill. When facing a difficult exercise, students will receive lessons on analysis skill, logical thinking, simplifying the problem to find out the best solution as well as carefulness while doing calculations, neat writing.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Maths courses in English and International Maths programs. For inquiries and registration, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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Working environment at Intertu Education is more professional than many other places I’ve ever taught. The curriculum is very open so I can promote all my capabilities to students.

Louis Barber Corallo - English & Art Teacher

Business English course is held scientifically and methodically. Teacher made ​​the situation very closely with the actual working environment at the company. Certainly, my company will cooperate with Intertu Education more and more in the future.


After 8 sessions of Communicative English, I felt improved, more confident about my abilities, and actively open up with native speakers. Now, I’m currently able to apply communication skills in English for my working environment.


Learning Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in IB program at Intertu Education, I easily acquire the in­depth knowledge than just sitting and reading at school. The lecture is designed alluringly so I passed the exam with high result.

Christian Nguyen - ISHCMC Student - IB Program
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