How to prepare for IB exam tips?

How to prepare for IB exam tips?

ITT – The demand of getting IB certificate is increasing. So, how to prepare for IB exam?

IB program provides cirriculum for students from 3 to 19 years, which are divided into 3 different levels: elementary school (2-10 years old), middle school (11-15 years old) and baccalaureate (16-18 years old). Graduated certificate of this program is recognized worldwide and is one of the basis for admission to prestigious universities around the world. So how to prepare for IB exam?

  1. Set a timetable to review regularly

Preparing for any exams, cramming is never an effective method. This is truly right to IB exam when in-depth knowledge needed is very extensive. In order to grasp essential contents, you should plan to review at least 10 weeks before the exam would be taken place. A easy way to prepare for an IB exam is to spend an hour every day for careful preparation.luyện thi ib - thời gian biểu

  1. Do previous exam papers

As well as other standardized exams, the best way to prepare for an IB exam is to do previous exam papers. This helps you to get familiar with the structure and content of exams concretely. Besides, you should ask teachers for previous IB exam papers if possible. You can also refer previous exam papers at some IB source websites which are  prestigious.

  1. Present main idea of answers before writing in an exam

Students who have presented answers carefully and fully are always get high scores in IB exam. Therefore, you should arrange answers for each in draft before writing in an official answer sheet. The arrangement will limit shortcomings of key points. You will also easily check your answers in order to achieve maximum scores.

  1. Re-read your answers

Re-read your answers and edit if necessary after completed answers of all questions (if time permits), review and read through what you’ve written in the answer sheet. Ensure that you have answered all the parts of a multipart questions and correct all spelling mistakes or grammars, which can help improve your scores.luyện thi ib - trung tâm luyện thi ib

  1. Find an IB exam preparation center

If you still find it’s difficult to self-review, you should find a prestigious IB exam preparation center, where supports experienced teachers, teaching materials are keep abreast to IB program, develops solving problems skills and gets useful tips and methods for exam. So you know how to prepare for IB exam.

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