New SSAT Writing strategies

New SSAT Writing strategies

ITT – Although the essay section in SSAT does not affect the overall score, some students have a need to improve their writing skills. Therefore, new SSAT Writing strategies is an indispensable thing.

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SSAT essay

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing an SSAT essay:

  • This is a non-scored section but will be sent to the admissions department.
  • The examination takes 25 minutes.
  • Students have 2 pages to do the test.

In addition, the SSAT test will be different depending on your level:

  • For Upper Level, you will have a choice between captions or essays.
  • For Middle Level, both of your options are essays.

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Urgent SSAT preparation

New SSAT Writing strategies

It doesn’t matter if you choose a caption or an essay, stick to these tips:

  • Write clearly: If no one reads what you write, they cannot tell if your essay is up to standard.
  • Save time: You have only 25 minutes, so you must quickly draft your essay in your head, and check carefully to prevent spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Write more: Although the quality is not higher than the quality, you should write more than write less.
  • Use the appropriate tense: Do not switch from the present tense to the past or jumble halfway through.
  • Maintain a coherent structure: Each format of the card has its own structure from the beginning to the end. You should stick to the outline so you can write a coherent essay.

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Online SSAT preparation

Steps to prepare:

  • Take time to practice the samples: You should note that leave 1-2 minutes to read the topic carefully and check the article when finished writing to avoid errors.
  • Give essays to others to check: Classmates or teachers are a good choice, ask them about the mistakes in the essay and ask them to comment.
  • Learn by yourself: Common mistakes you make, rewrite another essay better, don’t forget to ask yourself: “What’s wrong? What’s right? How should it be restarted?”

If you apply the new SSAT Writing strategies, your SSAT writing skills will skyrocket and you will gradually adapt to the essay.

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