SSAT exam process

SSAT exam process

ITT – SSAT (Secondary School Admission) is known as an important factor to assess the level of students from grade 3 to 11 when participating in high school admissions in US. In order to get good results, students need to know SSAT exam process.

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SSAT exam process

SSAT Elementary exam structure

In the Elementary for students in grade 3 – 4, the test will take 2 hours 5 minutes, each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale of 300 to 600. Total score minimum 900 and up to 1800.

In the Middle for students in grade 5 – 7, the test will take 3 hours 5 minutes, each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale of 440 to 710. Total score minimum 1320 and up to 2130.

In the Upper for students in grade 8 – 11, the test will take 3 hours 5 minutes, each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale of 500 to 800. Total score minimum 1500 and up to 2400.

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Preparing and taking the exam

SSAT Middle and SSAT Upper exam structure

After grasping SSAT exam process, we need to have an appropriate preparation plan. If you encounter difficulties in the learning process, you can study in groups or find support centers to get the necessary sharing and companionship.

You can register for the exam online at ssat.org by providing your full name and other information as required to create your account. After paying the exam fee with your credit card, you will receive a registration number and an examination notice.

On the examination day, candidates need to be at the examination site 30 minutes in advance to check in. Don’t forget to bring your test report and passport (or other valid replacement paper), especially the calculator for Math section and the hearing aid with CD drive for the listening comprehension.

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Usually after one month, the results will be returned via the official mail you registered. Since the number of exams is not limited and the number of times you take the exam up to 8 times, you have a lot of opportunities to improve your score.

However, to optimize time and effort, you should plan to practice effectively and find the center to help you conquer the desired score.

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