How many Math in English programs are there?

How many Math in English programs are there?

ITT – Math is a crucial subject which always plays an important role in any educational programs in the world. However, studying Math is a difficult task for students, especially studying Math in English programs.

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Mathematics reflects a logical thinking system which has been developed thoroughly in human history. As a compulsory subject, Math requires students to remember all the formulas to be able to solve the problems. Study Math from primary school to high school is a connected sequence that if there is a knowledge gap, the whole system can be broken. That is to say, Math is a difficult subject to be mastered even when it is taught in Vietnamese. So, is studying Math in English programs possible for Vietnamese students?

Similar to Vietnamese programs, English Mathematics includes two main parts: Algebra and Geometry in which students will study about calculating area, perimeter, integral, solving equations, integral, drawing function graph, proving solutions. These knowledges are included in international programs such as IB, AP, A-level and IGCSE. If students spend enough time and effort, it is not to difficult to follow the syllabus.

Moreover, in the global standard programs of IB Math, AP Math, A-level Math, IGCSE Math, students will learn not only theories but also how to apply Math in real-life in combination with other subjects. For example, we can define the exact figures to build a bridge when we use both Math and Physics. In addition, they can apply Economics and Math knowledge to evaluate the business situation through reading graphs.

Math in English programs is not only a compulsory subject in a syllabus or an examination but also teach students to think logically, solve problems, recognize the relation between events to come up with the most effective solutions. On top of that, students also learn how to develop a plan and manage time, which are crucial to be successful in the future.

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