Where to register for A-level?

Where to register for A-level?

ITT – A-level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is the Cambridge International Baccalaureate certificate for students aged 17 to 18. Where to register for A-level?

 A-level is equivalent to grade 11-12 program which make you win a place at universities in Europe, especially in UK. If you aim at high-ranked universities or plan to study specialized disciplines such as medicine, law, or engineering, A-level is your right choice.

A-level program is deeply academic and focuses on developing the 21st century skills, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of specific subjects.
  • Independent thinking skills.
  • Skills of applying academic knowledge have been learned into real life.
  • Skills of processing and evaluating different sources of information.
  • Logical and critical thinking skills.
  • Presentation skills, judgment, solutions and problem decisions.
  • Effective working and communication skills in English.

Thus, what are the conditions for you to study this program?

  • Complete grade 10 program or at least get a C for 5 GCSE tests (including Math).
  • IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL iBT 71.
  • Age between 17 and 18.

There are 55 subjects in A-level program, but each school will have a list of different subjects. Most of these subjects are chosen based on your career orientation and academic ability. So how does the A-level exam take place? Where to register for A-level?

The test is provided by the official examination council – Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) which is held twice a year. All tests will be scored in UK and test results will be published in August and January.

You can register for A-level exam in British Council Vietnam through https://www.britishcouncil.vn website or contact British Council Vietnam directly for related questions.

With the above information, it partly helps you understand what A-level is, the training objectives that the program aims to, the relevant information around the program, the conditions for attending the program, and most importantly is where to register for A-level exam.

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