Chemistry in English test

Chemistry in English test

ITT – With the emergence of international programs in international schools in Vietnam, Chemistry had many significant changes in the curriculum. So what is the structure of Chemistry in English test?

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Chemistry in English program

Chemistry is an indispensable natural subject in international education programs such as AP, IB, A-level, IGCSE… Similar to Chemistry national program, Chemistry international program focuses on training deepens groups of chemical elements and the reactions between them through two main groups: Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

However, Chemistry in English will focus more on practice than theory, so students can easily memorize and understand the reactions, applications, and effects of substances.

During the learning process, students will be familiar with basic knowledge such as substances, compounds, water, salt, bases, acids… From there, students will memorize the structural formula of everyday compounds in our life as H2O is water, C2H5OH is alcohol…

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IB Chemistry exam format

Chemistry in English test

Each international program will have a different exam structure, for example, the exam structure of AP Chemistry will consist of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Multiple choice tests, consisting of 60 questions, done in 90 minutes, accounting for 50% of the total score.
  • Part 2: Free answer, consisting of 7 questions (3 long sentences and 4 short sentences), done in 105 minutes, accounting for 50% of the total score.

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IB Chemistry exam style

The exam structure of IB Chemistry (Standard Level) will be divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Multiple choice tests, consisting of 30 questions, done in 45 minutes, accounting for 20% of the total score (30 points).
  • Part 2: One-part theoretical question, done in 75 minutes, accounting for 40% of the total score (50 points).
  • Part 3: Extra part, consisting of 2 parts (A and B), done in 60 minutes, accounts for 20% of the total score (35 points).

As you can see, Chemistry in English test will be determined by the international program the student is choosing.

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