Literature in English online tutor

Literature in English online tutor

ITT – Many famous literary works in the world come from America, England, France, etc. which are translated or written in English. Thus, how to find Literature in English online tutor?

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Language and Literature

Literature is a form of composition to reflect problems of society and human life. The creative methods of literature express by fiction, a way to write the content of topics through language.

England is famous for its ancient English Language and Literature. BBC invited 82 international literary critics to vote for the best novels in all time of England. As a result, the Middlemarch of female writer George Eliot (1819-1980) is on top.

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Literature in English online tutor

“Don Quixote” by Miguel De Cervantes is the best work and the most classic of Spanish literature. This work has the most translated and reprinted in human history, after the Bible. The author created an exciting story with many different feeling shapes as well as impressed characters for readers. This story was ridiculous and satirical with a humorous and bitter style about human old society – who have strange and fantastic illusions. Paragraphs to describe the main character – Don Quixote was very skillful and excellent to help readers discover extraordinary aspects of a person. This is a great work for anyone who loves modern Western literature.

Literature in English online tutor

With “O Alquimista” by Paulo Coelho, you won’t have the feeling that you are reading a book but talking to yourself, with a self-deep in your soul or dilly-dallying, coward and anxious attitude. Through the discovery to find the treasure of shepherd boy, Paulo gave us basic and profound value in life. This discovery is the same as looking for happiness, dream, and meaning of each person’s life. This book would help you answer “signs” of the universe because “nothing is random”. The secret of happiness is to see beautiful things in the world without ever forgetting “two drops of oil on the spoon”. The end of the book itself is a surprise.

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The other great work is “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, which has a big position in the heart of readers. This work described city life of high society in the early 20th century with an old plot about love. However, the writing style is the key to attract readers.

Reading literary works in English is the best way to learn the English Language and Literature effectively. Since then, we can practice academic English skills and have a chance to find out the culture, history of many countries in the world. However, you should have a Literature in English online tutor to direct your methods to learn effectively.

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