IGCSE program exam preparation

IGCSE program exam preparation

ITT – In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in students wanting to study abroad and this shows that the trend has become popular. However, to be able to achieve high results, you must know how to get IGCSE program exam preparation.

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What is IGCSE program?

IGCSE is for students ages 14 to 16 in the first two years of high school. Completing the IGCSE program, students can confidently participate in university preparatory programs such as A-level, IB, AP …

IGCSE has more than 70 subjects divided into Core and Extended levels. Students can choose from 6 to 9 subjects. In particular, students are selected a minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of 6 subjects Extended level. The scale of the Extended level is from A * to G and of the Core level is C to G, the U point is not achieved. But to achieve a good score, you must know how to prepare for the IGCSE program.

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GED preparation program

IGCSE program exam preparation

First, you need to understand that IGCSE is a program for teaching science subjects such as Mathematics Chemistry and Biochemistry in English, which means that students must be taught scientific theory, how to solve problems, argue and present problems. in English rather than teaching grammatical structures or English vocabulary.

Next, you need to expand your vocabulary. For science subjects like English Math Physics Chemistry, the hardest part is the number of terms in English. If you want to understand and absorb the lesson, you must understand the specialized English of each of these subjects.

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A-level preparation program

Another way to have IGCSE program exam preparation is to take past papers from past papers. This is a very popular method when studying national exams such as IGCSE, IB, A-level … In the process of making past paper, you will get familiar with the exam structure, the difficult and easy test forms, the same learn valuable experiences and tips when dealing with difficult problems.

If you are unable to apply the above methods or you have low self-study then you can go to international tutoring centers. These centers own a quality curriculum, focus on teaching with a team of professional teachers, with high professional knowledge and good academic English.

The teachers have long experience in teaching international programs so students who are new to IGCSE can feel secure. In addition, teachers can pass on their experiences and tips to you as they are all people who have gone through these international exams.

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