Tips to do Math quickly

Tips to do Math quickly

ITT – Nowadays, not only international schools but also public schools, students have learned and taken Math in English exam. Thus, what tips to do Math quickly?

Known as a natural science subject, Math plays as the foundation for acquisition of new knowledge. Math isn’t all about memorizing as social subjects, however, it is impossible to excel at this subject without mastering all of the theory. Math uses quick calculation and mental calculation. Here’s some tips to do Math quickly:

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  1. Doing subtraction by adding

Have you known that it is more simple to do subtraction by adding. We can follow to some calculations. For example: 1627 – 928. First, we take number 9 minus minuends, except unit digit we take number 10 to minus. The result is 72. Next, we take 72 minus with subtrahend: 72+1627=1699. Finally, we reject first number of result, it is means: 1699 (rejects 1), the last result is 699.

  1. Doing subtraction and adding by “butterfly” method

Popular subtraction and adding methods have taught in school students will reduce to the same denominator then minus (or plus) numerators. However, if we draw calculation process directly on the operation, we will have a beautiful and interested butterfly shape. With this method, you will never be tired of learning Math.

  1. Having opposite law in table multiplation 9

Table multiplication 9 has special law. When we multiply numbers with 9 according to ascending or descending order, we can be easy to compare that answers in 2 sides are reversed.

In many international schools, students have learned Math in English increasingly. However, they have faced with many difficulties in learning process because this subject requires logic and argument. Therefore, many parents are wondering how to help their children catch up with lesson at school.

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To solve this problem and get tips to do Math quickly, Math tutoring center has established to support students get high result in exams. Besides, they help those students who lost basic knowledge. However, there are too many centers, parents need to refer to teaching method of teachers at each center to be more secure.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Math courses and Math international programs (IB Math, AP Math, A-level Math, IGCSE Math). For inquires, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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