A-level books for references

A-level books for references

ITT – For those who plan to study abroad, A-level program is no stranger to study in UK. The choice of A-level books for references can help you achieve high results in the exam.

A-level is a two-year course in high school for students aged 16 to 18 and is divided into two parts:

  • AS: Students will study from 4 to 6 subjects, after completing the course, they will pass the exam and receive AS-level certification.
  • A2: Students will be given the option of taking the 3 most favorite subjects for their final yea, after completing the course, they will have to take the final exam to receive an A-level qualification.

A-level students have the opportunity to attend prestigious universities. You can apply to any university, as long as you meet the entrance requirements and take A-level as a standard.

In UK, A-level is the most popular certificate. To enter the top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial…, the entry requirements must have an A-level certificate. Compared to other program exams, A-level is more challenging so the demand of studying to get the desired score is also important.

At present, A-level curricula are abundant at home and abroad, most notably the Cambridge International AS and A-level books for almost all academic subjects from two prestigious universities: Cambridge and Oxford. There are some books from publishers or educational institutions such as Pearson, Hodder Education, CGP…

This program is not bound by a place of study, study in an international school or study in an A-level training center. There, teachers will answer questions, help learners solve difficulties in learning process. So now you know what good A-level books for references is, is not it?

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