Where to study Chemistry in English with high quality?

Where to study Chemistry in English with high quality?

ITT – In addition to international schools, teaching Chemistry in particular and the subjects of Science in English in general are increasingly popular in public schools in our country. So how to find a place to study Chemistry in English?

Vietnam is becoming more and more integrated with the rest of the world. In order to open up global employment opportunities for our country’s human resources, we must have a higher level of education in order to be compatible with our education programs in developed countries. In that trend, Ministry of Education and Training has developed curriculum integrating the subjects in English parallel to the program in the country, including Chemistry.

The improvement in learning method and the way to acquire this new knowledge make many students cannot absorb completely during time in school. This is also a problem that many parents are anxious and looking for a place to study Chemistry in English after school.

Understanding this need, some centers have developed specialized course for international students or students to integrate programs. Accordingly, to help students move through the language barrier to gain access to global knowledge, thereby forming a habit of self-awareness as a student studying in the international environment, self-confident with their own knowledge, many centers have combined training with international teaching staff with professional experience, teaching 100% in English according to international standards program to help students keep up.

Updating and guiding modern, optimal and highly effective learning methods will improve the learning capacity of the students, as a good teacher outside of the professional level must also have enough factors such as pedagogic ability has a lot of teaching experience, have good teaching methods and flexible, able to support the learning spirit of students… will hopefully bring effective teaching time.

Center can teach knowledge, provide Chemistry terms in English, help students be able to use their knowledge in daily life and study, which will be the quality place to study Chemistry in English.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Chemistry courses and Chemistry international programs (IB ChemistryAP ChemistryA-level ChemistryIGCSE Chemistry). For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.