Urgent and effective SAT preparation center

Urgent and effective SAT preparation center

ITT – As a popular international certificate for studying abroad, SAT is chosen by many students as “golden ticket” to enter the top universities around the world. Every time the admission season arrives, urgent and effective SAT preparation center becomes “hot spots” that attract a lot of attention.

The current SAT exam lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes with the fee for international students is around 70 USD and for US students is 45 USD. Urgent and effective SAT preparation center must understand the issues surrounding the functions, lesson preparation time, test structure…

The exam is administered by College Board, focusing on analyzing skills and problem solving. The test structure is divided into 3 main parts: Math, Reading, Writing. Math consists of 3 sub-sections with 10 grid-in questions and 44 multiple choice questions. Reading consists of 3 sub-sections with 67 multiple choice questions. Writing also includes 3 sub-sections with 49 multiple choice questions and 1 essay. This essay often asks students to give their views on a problem and always take the first in the exam. The other sub-sections in the Writing will focus on editing sentences, finding errors in sentences and editing paragraphs.

It is worth noting that you will not be allowed to review each completed section. You should be given top priority to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The questions are usually ranked from easy to difficult, so if a sentence cannot be done, you can just give it away, then will come back if you have enough time.

For those who wish to achieve the high score for applying to top universities, more effort is required. Urgent and effective SAT preparation center that not only supports lesson tips for students to complete the test with high result, but also helps students develop a comprehensive understanding of taking other international certification exams. Teachers’ way of transmitting will also help students easily acquire and visualize to promptly prepare the psychology as comfortable as possible.

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