How to review for IB?

How to review for IB?

ITT – IB is one of the most popular international programs that many students choose to study. However, how to review for IB is not easy to answer.

IB has three levels, the highest level for students aged 16 to 19, which is set up as a two-year college preparatory course for international students.

With a fairly comprehensive set of subjects and courses, IB is recognized by many universities around the world, especially in US and Europe. So how to review for IB?

  1. Organized study: You should have separate notes for each subject. The plan, arrangement and writing clearly for reference when the exam comes easily need to be emphasized.
  2. Have a reasonable time: You should allocate a reasonable time, avoid hurry too much and two months before the exam, you have to review at least from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes every day.
  3. Learn the terms: Not knowing some of the terms will cause you to lose scores because you may not have understood.
  4. Doing all homework: Homework takes up a high percentage of the final grade in IB program and you will fail if you do not study hard.
  5. Practice past papers: Past papers will help you understand the structure of the test, avoid confusion and loss of confidence when taking the real exam. You can ask your teacher or find sources in libraries or websites during IB exam.
  6. Go to IB preparation center: If you still wonder how to review for IB, go to the prestigious IB preparation center to meet reputative teachers and get problem-solving skills as well as good tips for the exam.

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